Everything You Need for Community Management and Communications

A complete suite of software and services to support you as you manage your community, collaborate with your board or strata council, and stay connected to your residents.

Streamline Your Management Tasks

Community Management

Even if you have a property manager, managing a multi-unit community can feel overwhelming. Bazinga simplifies and streamlines with tools like document management, record keeping, meeting planners, amenities bookings and more.


With a click of a button, collaborate with your fellow strata council/board members, distribute documents and engage residents through Bazinga’s community polls, online resident communication platform and more!


Navigate your role on the strata council/board with insider tips and articles from community management experts, easy-to-follow meeting guides and downloadable templates for common community management tasks.


These services complement or replace any pre-existing management services you use: Accounting, financial, community management and building maintenance consulting. Industry expertise personalized to your specific community!
Learn how Bazinga can save you time and money while increasing collaboration within your community.

Getting set up is easy, and we’re here to help.

  • 1. Try It Out

    View screenshots, take the product for a whirl, watch demo videos and more.

  • 2. Invite Your Council/Board

    Invite your fellow council/board members to your demo account so they can try it out themselves.

  • 3. Set Up the Community

    Like what you see? Customize Bazinga for your community, quickly and easily.

  • 4. Invite Your Residents

    Invite residents in your community to start using Bazinga.

bazinga! University.

Learn more about the bazinga! Community Platform and start building build amazing communities. 

These short videos will teach you how to use every feature easily and intuitively. Get started today!

bazinga Build Developer Tools

Developer Tools

Save time and money. Increase visibility.

bazinga! Build organizes and streamlines your workflow from pre-inspection and owner walk-throughs to post-occupancy and beyond.

From Issues Management, Digital Manuals and Post-occupancy and more, bazinga! Build is the most powerful suite of products for builders and developers.

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